Bag-less on Saturdays to give special time to creative and curricular activities.


Assemblies can build experiences that will go a long way towards children learning about values, religious festivals, special days, songs and other information. Our class assemblies serve as a place not only for developing confidence but also developing audience habits.

  • Library – to instill the habit of self-learning I through reading.
  • Environmental awareness, quiz, creative dance, arts and craft, aerobics, library, painting, singing
  • Sports: Football, Cricket, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Yoga, Carom, Chess, Badminton,
  • Moral education where projects – ‘in-school’ and other, are also given to instill the real core of the value being taught.
  • Special video sessions on health and hygiene. Various inspiring movies as well.
  • Lot of Educational games and toys to make their education interesting and creative.
  • Magic and various Art & craft shows.
  • Activity workshops as clay works, painting, sketching, dancing etc. 
  • Smart learning through computer education.
  • Group events to foster team spirit and encourage a healthy completion among the students.
  • Excursions to various places in India.